Talent Solutions

  • As workforces and workplaces are changing, business leaders are required to respond with urgency to achieve growth targets and gain access to high impact talent.

    Derwent Talent Solutions is positioned to deliver real business impact - enabling challenger brands to secure the right talent fast.

    We provide a scalable and flexible approach to all industries and sectors. Sensitive to time and cost pressure, our talent pool development and proactive sourcing reduces recruitment timeframes, complimented by extensive attraction, reporting and analytics, providing you with real time insight.

    ​We leverage our market expertise to partner with organisations, so they are positioned to make better hiring decisions that drive business success.

  • ​Integrated Talent Solution 
    Derwent delivers an end-to-end recruitment solution that can supplement or upgrade existing recruitment capability.

    A turnkey implemented solution, utilising a best in class recruitment approach to significantly enhance talent outcomes. Onsite recruiters are aligned to hiring managers to source, assess, and select best talent – both permanent and contract.

    Sprint Project Recruitment
    Recruitment sprints targeting specific talent for multiple permanent or contract roles.

    ​Projects have defined start and end dates and roles fall within the same job family , which supports fast activation of sourcing strategies to access high impact talent

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