The Public Sector - Recruiters say selection processes need an urgent overhaul

By Peter Gearin - 'The Mandarin'

Published Date: 2022/05


Job seekers have a golden opportunity in 2022 to land a role that matches their professional skills and personal values. For this, they can thank low unemployment rates and a global skills shortage. 

Surveys also suggest the pandemic experience is driving many people to seek positions where they can truly "make a difference". 

What does this mean for the public sector? Can it attract more of Australia’s best and brightest looking for a greater sense of purpose? Can it compete with the private sector – here and overseas – to fill essential technical and professional roles? Just as importantly, can it keep hold of the talent it has already nurtured?

The Mandarin spoke to a number of top private and public sector recruiters, including Derwent's very own Andrew McEncroe, Managing Partner and industry lead for the Public Sector, to discover what the APS must do to attract (and retain) high performers.

For the full article featuring Andrew McEnroe and his thoughts on the topic - read on HERE.