Technology Talent Squeeze

By Warwick Bowd

Published Date: 2022/05


The key shortage of technology talent has been described as the ‘handbrake on growth’ in the local technology sector, as well as affecting organisations across all industries as they seek to deliver on digital transformation. To help address this issue, Derwent recently hosted an event for senior executives in technology businesses, to share insights on how to win the war for talent in a competitive market.

Warwick Bowd who leads Derwent’s Digital, Technology and Services practice chaired the forum, which was headlined by contributions from panelists Suzy Nicoletti, the former Google and Twitter executive who now leads eCommerce platform Yotpo, and Martin Herbst, former eBay executive who currently leads cloud-based recruitment platform JobAdder.

Some great insights shared by the panel included the following:

  • The importance of focusing on nurturing and retaining good people, who are likely being approached by other firms
  • The key responsibility of leaders to deliver a great employee experience, which will mean different things to different people
  • The importance of having a clear Employee Value Proposition (EVP) which you not only communicate, but actually deliver on
  • Understanding what’s really unique about your business when attracting talent, and seeking to differentiate as you do with customers
  • Thinking about recruitment as an investment centre not a cost centre, and utilising data to understand effective sourcing channels
  • Appreciating that high-growth business can be attractive destinations for talent, given they offer greater autonomy and breadth of opportunity