Diverse Thinking in the Boardroom

By Michelle Gardiner

Published Date: 2022/05


Derwent Board practice was thrilled to host a roundtable event with Dr Juliet Bourke, Cheryl Hayman and Tim King on Future Fit Boards and skills and capabilities for the future. Great insights were shared by a diverse group of Directors around rethinking board composition in an increasingly complex landscape. To review a recent research project by the 30% Club Australia and Deloitte Australia, please click HERE.

Some takeaways include:

  • We are in a period of transition within an increasingly complex environment with a multitude of challenges and opportunities.
  • Diversity around the Boardroom table is imperative.
  • Boards should evaluate skills and capabilities in light of a range of disruptive forces including ESG, economic, regulatory and geopolitical shocks and an increasing range of stakeholders.
  • Boards should consider broadening the brief and adding new skills and capabilities to the Board from non-traditional areas.
  • The role of the Chair is critical in providing proactive and supportive leadership during this transition process.
  • Attributes such as courage, curiosity and empathy will be increasingly valued.