Virtual Pathway to the Boardroom

By Michelle Gardiner

Published Date: 2021/11


Thank you to our two guest speakers Margie Seale and Clive Stiff for making our first virtual ‘Pathway to the Boardroom’ such a success, speaking to over 130 attendees via Zoom Webinar. Our audience made up of Aspiring Non Executive Directors found their insights, experiences and wisdom very valuable, commenting on what a great choice of speakers.

Key takeaways included:

  • Joining a board is a very different career to being in a corporate. Your reasons for doing so should be because you’re aligned to that organisations values, believe you can contribute and ultimately be “addicted to business”.
  • A short term panic can sometimes prevail in the immediate lull following a 25 hour a day executive routine.
  • It is importance of align yourself with great a mentor(s) versus obsessive networking.
  • If you think being a NED means you can sit back and relax… then let’s hope your board isn’t involved in a takeover which can be a daily whirlwind! You need to be available daily on a board so flexibility is key.
  • You need to work harder on a board to stay on top of what’s current. Because “in the swim of change, the trends and what’s happening in the world” this information doesn’t get given to you, you need to access and source this yourself as a NED.
  • You live or die by those around your boardroom table. You need to be confident of your fellow board members values, know how hard they work, understand their individual contribution and how they help make the board and organisation successful.