Disruption and Digitisation

By Margot Faraci

Published Date: 2021/04


Where Strategy and Capability Meet for Success in Financial Services

Digital and data-led disruption isn’t coming to financial services: it’s already here due to international arrivals and digital-born Australian start-ups.    

How to adapt an existing organisation so that your customers will continue to be with you? Lisa Frazier has done exactly that, both in Australia and internationally.  

Derwent hosted a breakfast with Lisa, where she articulated the recipe for banks and other providers on how they can evolve as they need to for their customers. Overall, Lisa has “faith in human creativity”, which has always led to the right problems being solved in her work.   

Lisa is an inspiring expert in the field and is about to start as COO at Judo Bank – welcome back to Australia Lisa and thank you everyone for attending.