Supporting The Next Generation Of Female Board Talent

By Michelle Gardiner

Published Date: 2019/04


Derwent recently collaborated with the AICD in Sydney and Brisbane. Over 100 women attended the breakfasts, hearing first hand from experienced directors Helen Wiseman, Steve Boulton, and Derwent Partner, Michelle Gardiner. 

Helen and Steve shared their personal experiences and journey to the boardroom discussing their motivators, how they have each developed their own 'Value Add' propositions, and the due diligence they undertake when assessing the appropriateness of a board role. Michelle shared insights on how to prepare a board CV that sets you apart, the importance of building out networks to assist in facilitating your journey to the boardroom and helped demystify the process around board appointments.

The key takeaways from the forums included:

  • Ensure you have had a full and thorough executive career before embarking on your Non Executive Director career
  • Chase after roles that are suitable for your skill set and experience - have realistic expectations
  • There are lots of interesting opportunities outside the ASX200