The Modern Day Director - Leadership In Challenging Times

By Michelle Gardiner

Published Date: 2018/10


In a time that continues to be incredibly complex for boards, Jane McAloon and Greg Ridder emphasise that defining success is never black and white. Success as a Director is often directly aligned to being appointed to an ASX200 Board. However, whilst seeking such an appointment is not to be discouraged, it is important to align personal interest and value to an organisation in order for the role to be both professionally and personally rewarding. Greg Ridder knows this too well and has highlighted the increasing responsibility that Directors face, dismantling the myth that Board roles are merely “part-time”.

Highly functioning boards operate in a zone of alignment and collaboration with senior management around ethics and values. With the rise of social media and deteriorating public trust, CEOs and Directors are being held to even higher levels of ethical accountability, Jane spoke to the importance of the chair setting the tone and culture, creating a greater need for board alignment and transparency.