Patient Centricity

By Michelle Gardiner Partner - Board Practice

Published Date: 2018/09


With the empowering digital movement, Cochlear Limited, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, have shifted their focus to provide an even richer experience for their patients.

Stuart Sayers, President of Services for Cochlear shared his understandings on how technology has shifted from doctor to patient-centred care. Thirty years’ experience within B2B and B2C sales saw Stuart place great emphasis on the recent shift to a patient centred model, “it’s what they want, not what’s prescribed”. Stuart further highlighted Cochlear’s introduction and focus on building their service division, utilising technology to provide an experience to the customer that is not only life changing, but one that continues for, on average, up to 80 years.

Continuous technological progress has seen smartphones provide greater control, customisation and monitoring of a patient’s hearing. Service support through SMS chat platforms and constant readable data has led to “a richer conversation and experience”, a vision for patients to “hear more, work less”.

Stuart’s insights from a career which previously included Amazon, Yahoo7, E-trade and McKinsey made for a fascinating discussion.