Non Executive Director Forum Sydney - Hugh Bradlow

By Michelle Gardiner Partner – Board Practice

Published Date: 2018/09


Hugh Bradlow the former Chief Technology Officer of Telstra, and the current President of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering led an engaging discussion yesterday at a Derwent event attended by 40 of Australia's leading Non-Executive Directors and Chairs.

Hugh discussed the expanding scale and scope of digital platforms and how this constant change is creating new opportunities for enhanced customer experience. Hugh also emphasised that large corporates will be challenged to take advantage of these opportunities due to their established cultures and lack of agility.

Numerous directors commented that the presentation was ‘thought-provoking and raised very topical issues for their boards as well as helping to clarify some of the key issues that directors are grappling with’.

Other comments included that ‘his insights were big-picture and, future focused but at the same time very practical’.

Hugh shared his 'Golden Rules' for individuals on cyber security. These include 2-Factor Authentication, Strong passwords (Password manager), Patch, patch, patch, Anti-virus software.

There is no doubt that we are at a tipping point when it comes to the importance of ‘digital’ in our business and personal lives.

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