‘What You Want To Be Famous For’ – Your Journey To The Boardroom

By Michelle Gardiner Partner– Board Practice

Published Date: 2018/06


Launa Inman and Jodie Leonard shared their journeys to the Boardroom this month, with over 100 aspiring Non Executive Directors in Melbourne. Launa discussed the importance of being able to clearly articulate ‘What you want to be famous for’ or in other words what your ‘Value Add’ is to a board.

When considering a board opportunity Launa reiterated a number of times, the importance of being passionate and genuinely interested in the organisation. Launa shared some first hand case studies that highlighted the enormous responsibility that you take on when signing up to be a Non Executive Director.

Jodie shared a number of her personal experiences that dismissed the lifestyle myth that being a Non Executive Director is a part time job. Jodie’s diversified portfolio of board appointments highlights the number of interesting and rewarding opportunities that lay outside the ASX200, ‘it is very important to keep an open mind to opportunities’.

The role of the Chair was also extensively discussed with both Launa and Jodie agreeing the Chair ‘sets the tone of the board’ and having a ‘good Chair’ is key when appointing a new director to the board.