Hugh Bradlow – Retail & Technology Forums

By Michelle Gardiner Partner – Board Practice

Published Date: 2018/04


After 22 years at Telstra as Chief Technology Officer, followed by Head of Innovation and most recently as Chief Scientist, Hugh’s wealth of knowledge has enabled him to embark on a consulting and public speaking career. Derwent held Retail and Health forums in both Sydney and Melbourne in recent weeks, where Hugh shared his thoughts on the future technologies that will not only shape both industries but set the tone for the way consumers interact and respond to technological innovations, challenging the current processes in play.

Our ‘Shaping the future of Health Care’ forum sparked great discussion and challenged the generalised perceptions around technological innovation and how healthcare providers must prepare for the inevitable adaptations to health care processes. Hugh talked about the rise of consumer-centricity in healthcare (or consumer directed healthcare) and explored the notions of:

  • A figure of merit or scorecard approach to physician selection in the future;

  • Private health insurers contracting their own healthcare providers – using healthcare performance data to determine best / worst in class.

Hugh’s extensive career at Telstra has empowered great insight around the retail sector and how it will adapt and evolve with the technologies available not only to consumers but retailers as well. At our ‘Future of Consumer Interaction’ forums, Hugh shared his insight on;

  • How Smart Home Devices will disrupt the way consumers shop and perform day to day activities.

  • Retailers and emerging ‘etailers’ will incorporate such devices into the experience that they offer to customers, enhancing the proficiency of the entire shopping process.

Attendees enjoyed " the relevance and practical nature of the subject, as well as the intimacy of the group". They described Hugh as “a fascinating speaker” and "an engaging and very experienced presenter", further highlighting the strength of Hugh’s position to provide strategic advice to Boards and Executive teams.