3 strikes and you’re out – the proxy vote – Activists or Collaborators?

By Michelle Gardiner Partner – Board Practice

Published Date: 2018/03


Pru Bennet, Head of BlackRock Investment Stewardship APAC, and Warren Land, Director at The Reward Practice, recently presented at Derwent forums in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. These forums were attended by 77 Directors. The key themes discussed included:

  • Assessing the quality of a Board from the outside

  • Board member succession planning

  • Board evaluation reviews

  • High performance Boards

  • Executive Remuneration trends and areas of focus for 2018

Diversity on boards was raised, ‘Diverse boards make better decisions’. Pru led the discussion on the importance of addressing all aspects of diversity. Pru is an advocate of introducing ‘Fresh blood’ onto Boards in order to avoid ‘Sticking to the status quo’. She also believes succession planning is important, ‘Thinking ahead and being aware of the future prevents a stagnant collaborative mindset’.