Elevating HR Executives in the Boardroom with speakers Joanne Taylor and Ian Cornell

By Michelle Gardiner Partner – Board Practice

Published Date: 2017/11


Yesterday we held our Elevating HR Executives in the Boardroom forum, giving HR Executives access to a guided discussion with our guest speakers Joanne Taylor - Executive General Manager Human Resources at Caltex and Ian Cornell - Non-Executive Director at Myer, Baby Bunting and Inglis Bloodstock.

Joanne and Ian shared with the audience their insights on how HR Executives can effectively engage with the Board and position their professional skills and experience to take a valued seat at the table.

Both speakers commented on the importance of ensuring you have the trust of the Board members, in particular the Chair of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee. Joanne reinforced all conversations whether inside or outside the Boardroom should be transparent as they are never just between two individuals.

Ian spoke to the professional development benefits of taking on operational roles within the business that are outside the HR function. Joanne went on to discuss the valuable experience she gained from having to run a P&L.