Pathway to the Boardroom Brisbane

By Michelle Gardiner Partner – Board

Published Date: 2017/06


Today we hosted a Pathway to the Boardroom breakfast in Brisbane with guest speakers Annabelle Chaplain and Jeremy Samuel.

Annabelle and Jeremy shared their real-life examples, highlighting the importance of due diligence when approaching a Board opportunity – speaking with external advisors, such as an organisation’s Auditor, other Directors, the CEO, and importantly the Chair, were all noted as key touch points.

Annabelle discussed the value in considering Board opportunities outside the ASX commenting they can be equally challenging and rewarding. She also suggested considering Advisory Boards as a good starting point.

Jeremy shared his experiences of building a Board and emphasised the importance of diversity of thought around the Boardroom table. Avoiding the ‘Group Think’ mentality by ensuring you consider not only gender, but also age, experience, skills set and culture was a theme for the day

The morning session was a great platform for strong post event discussion with our consultants where our guests were joined by Derwents, Partner and Retail Practice Lead Damon Barlow, Partner and Professional Services Lead Warwick Bowd and Industrial Practice Lead Helen Hall.